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Every day in the United States alone, over 109,589 lawsuits are filed…

If Your Assets Aren’t Protected… Luck Is The Only Thing Stopping Some Slimy Crook and His Lawyer From Taking Them…

Maximum Asset Shield™ Live 4-Day Workshop

September 12-15, 2024
Atlanta, GA

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Dear Friend,

If you know anything about me, you know how passionate I am about systems. I use them, I teach them, and I implement them in all my businesses. Without a doubt, the most important system you can have as a real estate investor is the one that protects your assets.

I mean, banks have locks for a reason, right?

It’s Lou Brown here and that’s why I’m writing you today, to let you know that without a system to protect your wealth and assets, they are in danger every single day that you do business. Simply put, just one frivolous lawsuit by one gold-digging attorney and your entire life’s work – wealth and assets – can be gone. That’s the biggest reason why I designed my Maximum Asset Shield workshop … to protect myself and good people like you from nuisance lawsuits.

We see them in the news every day – people who are filing crazy lawsuits just to try to get lucky and catch some investor that isn’t covered properly: An aunt sued her 10-year-old nephew recently for hugging her “too aggressively” … restaurants being sued because a customer doesn’t like the menu. Unbelievable! And if you are an owner or an investor, you are in their sights when they fake a slip-and-fall accident!

There are always going to be folks out there to try and take advantage. Anytime you have something valuable, you can bet that somebody will try to take it for nothing. While the idea of suing a restaurant, because the coffee was hot or suing your neighbor because the dog barks late at night, drives me crazy to even think about, there is an even bigger problem for us as investors: those who sue us simply because we are the owner.

If they can’t find it, they can’t take it!

In the California case Peake vs. Underwood, a buyer filed suit two years after purchasing the property stating that the seller had not disclosed the condition of the property when it had been sold. The buyer maintained that both the seller and the listing agent had known that the property had unresolved drainage issues and never told her.

Guess what? The buyer dropped the lawsuit against the seller when she learned that they did not own anything of value. She continued to pursue the listing agent. Why? She was trying to win that “lawsuit lottery” and bluff her way into a settlement – but the sellers had protected themselves. Eventually, the court found her out and ordered her to pay $60,000 in sanctions for the frivolous lawsuits, but who wants to deal with all that silliness? The owners were smart – on paper, they didn’t have anything worth suing for.

Now plenty of smart lawyers and accountants can build up a whole façade of protection that would take 4 private investigators and 6 computers to figure out, but in the end, nobody really knows who owns the property in question. Here’s a hint – if you can’t explain it, it won’t work!

Many asset protection plans that folks try to sell become so complicated that not even the client can explain how assets are held or how those assets are transferred. The downside is that those questions can be expected in depositions or a discovery examination, and a failure to fully and clearly explain what happened and why will make the court very suspicious and potentially give the court grounds to begin disregarding entities or setting aside transfers. Most judges start asking themselves, “What is really going on here?” if the structure and transfers are too complicated and not well explained.

So to me, the answer was simple – build a straightforward system and use the law to protect my wealth … and then, as any good teacher should do, I built a system to train others how they can protect themselves from nuisance suits, too.

I call it my Maximum Asset Shield seminar and in just four days, you will find out how to:

  • Protect your assets, properties, and wealth for generations to come.
  • Sleep well at night knowing your business – and your family – are safe from frivolous lawsuits.
  • Make sure your heirs get what is rightfully theirs – knowing your estate and the assets you’ve worked hard all your life to build won’t go to the government or in some attorney’s pocket.

Plus, you’ll also learn how to use my asset protection strategies to make more money:

  • How to get sellers to say “Yes!” to your “Subject-To” offer so you can get more deals done – and prevent them from trying to reclaim YOUR property afterwards.
  • How to make more money using partnerships using this fast, simple, and LEGAL method.
  • How to borrow or lend money without the traditional risks.
  • How to buy more properties tax-free!
  • How to legally and easily take equity out of a property and turn it into cash – then use that cash to continue to build wealth.

Now, there is one even more important thing that we do in the Maximum Asset Shield workshop: We actually do it right there! Yes, that’s right – we not only show you how to protect yourself and your assets – we will work with you right there to protect them in the workshop! True hands-on training! Bring the deed or the title to the asset you are looking to protect and we will physically show you how to structure that protection on the spot!

Your Host
Lou Brown

Years ago, a change in the law took away a great benefit for real estate investors. This directly impacted Lou’s real estate business, so he decided to study that law to try and find out if there was a solid loophole, hidden deeply in that law.

What he discovered in the process was something called “TRUSTS.” You’ve likely heard of them but most assuredly you don’t truly understand them. Lou’s discovery triggered intense study and research into this little known, yet incredibly powerful benefit. He found out that was available to everyone, yet used by only a few.

Why weren’t the attorneys TELLING people about this? Lou was shocked to find out how few, truly informed and strategic Attorneys there were who understood trusts. After this discovery and personally experiencing several of the benefits of using Trusts, Lou decided to share it with as many people as possible. He developed tools and training to help everyone access this powerful entity that provides Protection, Profits, Privacy and Probate Avoidance.

In additions to those four powerful advantages, Lou found that trusts provide about 30 other benefits as well. While other entities, like LLC’s offer some of these benefits, only trusts offer all of it. Lou has successfully used and taught others to use trusts since 1986.

He has licensees of his system in all 50 states. As a father who wanted to provide the best protection for his family and the wealth they built, Lou also discovered how trusts will give loved ones the gift of avoiding the cost, delay and aggravation of probate. Once a year he makes time to teach others how to use trusts as well. What took him years and years of labor and research to develop is now made available to others in just a few days time.

LIVE from our Platinum Mastermind… hear why top investors agree that this event is a MUST!

I’m not going to tell you to go off and get an attorney to do a whole bunch of crazy legal maneuvering. Heck, they don’t ever tell you to do anything besides put the ownership in a corporation anyway. Nope. I’ll teach you in class exactly how to structure you, your businesses, and your assets to make sure they cannot be taken – in some cases even found – by attorneys looking for the low-hanging fruit for a nuisance suit.

Asset protection planning is all about taking chips off the table in good times, so that you still can walk away from the table a winner no matter what happens in bad times. As a real estate investor, you have got to worry about protecting your assets because you are a target. It doesn’t take much to be caught up in difficult situations, and thus if you have something to protect then you have a duty to yourself to protect it.

The Best Time To Protect Yourself Was Yesterday!

The most important thing is this – many things I’ll teach you to do in the Maximum Asset Shield workshop will effectively provide asset protection before a claim or liability arises, but few things will afterwards. The time to protect and structure your assets properly is not “when you get around to it,” the best time was as soon as you bought them! That’s because what you do after a claim rises could be undone by “fraudulent transfer” law. Moreover, the point at which a claim arises is earlier than a layman might think—it is, for example, usually much earlier than when a demand letter or a process server shows up at the door. In short – the time to learn is now and the time to implement is now!

I’ll be hosting this seminar in Atlanta and the bottom line is that if you are serious about investing, you need to be there – you can call my team at 1-800-578-8580 to reserve your tickets today.

Nobody else is providing this kind of value in a workshop – and then, when you leave – you will have the tools and the software in your hands to protect every asset you own! That’s right – we’re going to fill your tool box up with:

  • The Maximum Asset Shield Manual – loaded with the templates and forms you need to use to cover all your assets
  • The MAS Auto Fill software that helps you turn the entire process into a simple auto-fill template to easily protect everything.
  • Four days of training and the resources to get all your questions answered– before it’s too late!

The best news about the Maximum Asset Shield workshop is that I’m going to be holding my next one in Atlanta from Thursday, September 12th through Sunday, September 15th, 2024 and I need you to be there.

It is simply too important for you to miss!

Let me tell you a story to help drive home the importance of protecting yourself.

In the movie “U-571”, which was set in World War II, an American submarine crew was charged with taking over a broken and stranded German submarine in order to steal an enigma coding machine that will give them access to German naval secrets.

The Americans disguise themselves as Germans coming to the aid of the broken down sub. But their plan gets discovered, and another German boat torpedoes the American boat with half of the American crew still aboard. They stand atop the deck helplessly as they watch the torpedo barreling toward them. At that point it is too late for them to do anything to stop the coming destruction, and all they can do is watch the torpedo as it collides with their boat.

While these sailors could do nothing to prevent the ensuing catastrophe, many investors find themselves hit by financial torpedoes that could have been avoided by taking the steps that I teach in the Maximum Asset Shield workshop.

With the sheer number of frivolous lawsuits being filed every week, do you really want to risk being torpedoed with a suit that can render you penniless in an instant? Of course not! Protecting yourself is the only safe thing to do.

A financial torpedo can appear out of thin air when it is least expected. You work hard to build your assets, take care of your family, and plan for retirement, but all of this is a wasted effort if you don’t have measures in place to protect what you work so hard to accumulate.

You and I live in a litigious society where it seems a frivolous lawsuit is lurking around every corner. There are tons of horror stories about people being held liable and sued for unavoidable accidents. You can’t always avoid these issues, but you can plan properly to protect yourself and your family in the event you find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Here’s what you must do next – call my team and ask about the Maximum Asset Shield training at 1-800-578-8580. This is simply the most important thing that you can do to “CYA” (cover your ass-ets!).

Hurry…Seats Are Extremely Limited!
I Only Offer This Training Once A Year!
Will YOUR Business SURVIVE That Long?

Because I can guarantee that 75% of those who don’t get this vital information won’t survive! Simple slip and fall cases, discrimination and even wrongful death suits, account for 2.2 MILLION out of the 100 MILLION lawsuits filed in the USA every year. According to CourtStatistics.org, median costs for a business lawsuit start at $54,000 for a liability suit.

I think you’re starting to see why you can’t afford NOT to be at this event in September… especially with the AMAZING offer I’m making to make sure you’re there… but even so, I think it’s important for you to know even more about trusts. Because you may still, stubbornly be trying to tell yourself a “lawsuit can’t happen to me.”

What Are The Different Benefits of Trusts?

I’ve identified at least 30 benefits of Trusts that you can NOT get from any other entity! I’m going to cover them ALL for you in the workshop, but here’s a few to get you started:

Benefit #1: Imagine Being Able to Buy a Property with FINANCING IN PLACE!
In 1982, Congress allowed the banks to incorporate the “DUE ON SALE” clause in most mortgages. This can be an impediment for a property owner who wishes to sell the property and have the buyer take over an existing loan rather than paying the loan off as part of the sale. But, there’s one and only one way to safely and legally bypass the “due-on-sale” clause in a mortgage. Only one way to get the banks’ cooperation for you to keep the existing financing in place without having to go out and qualify for a new loan. The answer… Trusts. You’ll learn the right way to keep your assets safe and acquire huge amounts of property using existing financing and NOT your credit or credit report. This is safe, legal and can make you a TON of money!

Benefit #2: Difficult To Collect Judgments and Liens
With trusts, your name won’t be on public record. This makes it very difficult for the ambulance chasing attorneys to find who and what to sue. They’ll have a difficult time serving you or even getting a collection if they get a judgment. Trusts will instantly help you to stay free and clear of silly lawsuits.

Benefit #3: Government Has Limited Control
Who can’t get excited about this one? The Government’s responsibility is to govern, not control our lives!! Trusts have been around for eons and are used extensively by the wealthy in America plus the politicians to keep Uncle Sam out of their hair. Trusts are legal entities and recognized by the government. I’ll teach you the little-known secrets and loopholes the government provides for us to protect all we own and then pass it all on to our heirs without the cost, pain, confusion and delay of normal probate. Which brings us to benefit number four…

Benefit #4: Avoid Probate
You may be thinking, “But Lou, I am not planning to die anytime soon, why should I worry about probate?” Because it will make your heirs miserable. Do you have parents who are living? Have you heard about the others who have gone through a lengthy probate situation where it sometimes takes years and years to pass along property and bank accounts to heirs?

It’s time NOW to get you and your parents assets into Trust! Let’s say, God forbid, something does happen to you… What will happen to your family? Don’t you want to make sure they are taken care of long after you are gone?
They shouldn’t have to wait for money or assets, so they can keep on living a comfortable lifestyle. LLC’s, Corporations, Limited Partnerships can’t avoid probate… Only Trusts can!

Benefit #5: Privacy Of Ownership
Do you like the idea of others sniffing around figuring out what you own and how to get it? Don’t you like to keep your private life private? The less others know about what you have, the more time you can spend doing the things you love to do, like investing so you can get out of the “Rat Race”! Remember – there’s a LOT more benefits for you and I will reveal them ALL!

No Stand-In Speaker, You Get The 40-Year Guru Every Day!

Just so we’re clear, unlike some of the events you may have attended in the past, (where you were left scratching your head wondering where the self-proclaimed “celebrity” trainer who promoted the event was), you won’t be taught by some second-rate crony. Nope! My momma raised me to have a humble attitude and I’m not the kind of guy who thinks so highly of myself that I don’t even have to SHOW UP at my own events. And frankly, there is no one in this industry that knows Trusts and how to use them as a real estate investor like I do…including attorneys…so you will be taught Trusts by me personally.


You’ve likely heard all the hullabaloo over the new tax reform stuff. Well, I’m not sure if you considered it, but what did you think would happen to real estate investors after another real estate investor was elected President?
I’ll tell you what…GOOD THINGS!

  • Hear about how real estate investors remain in a favorable position even under Tax Reform
  • Hear about the expanded opportunities for creating generational wealth under Tax Reform
  • Hear about reductions to the calculation of the higher capital gains rates based upon taxable income levels as a result of tax reform.
  • Learn about the new qualified business income deduction for pass through businesses (LLC’s, Partnerships, S Corps and Disregarded entities) created by Tax Reform. This being described as the most major change to the tax code in the past 50 years.

Not only will you get up close and personal with me during the training, you’ll get consultations with my trained staff and have the ability to participate in Q&A sessions during class, so you stay right with us. There may even be some bonus sessions at night and a special TAX SAVINGS BONUS SESSION on Sunday.

Oh, and we won’t waste your time with long sales pitches. If you’re looking for a “meat and potatoes” quality experience, I’ll give you something better. Our training is all meat, and great meat at that, learned during my decades of real estate experience. This is real training. I respect your time … and your intelligence.

If you are not using trusts to buy and sell all of your properties…if you have assets that are NOT protected, then you really must come spend four days with me at my Maximum Asset Shield™ (MAS) training and let me teach you all this and a LOT more. Take action…sign up right away. There’s no risk, and absolutely no way you can lose.

Guaranteed Results!

Because I never want to have anyone upset with what we offer, and since this event is all about protecting your assets, I’m going to protect yours even before you come with my Better Than 100% Money Back Guarantee. Attend the event, if you’ve decided at the end of the first day that you haven’t learned at least 10 ways to cover the cost of the event, see one of the Street Smart® staff. They will give you a full refund, and you can keep the bonuses as a gift (except for the auto fill disk, of course) Also, I, Lou myself will give you $50 to change your flight.

And it has never been easier for you to learn them all!
Just attend the Maximum Asset Shield™ Seminar.

Right now I’m going to talk to you in plain language and explain why you need to take action to join me at this event.

First of all, when I say this training is comprehensive, I’m not messing around. You’ll be shown (and walk away with) legal, tested and proven ways to ensure you have Protection from lawsuits, more Profits from your real estate investing, complete Privacy regarding what you do and Probate Avoidance for your loved ones. You’ll have complete control over your future in ways you’ve never had before.

Secondly, everything you could need is ready for you to use and even customizable to any extent you desire. You don’t need to be a real estate law expert, an asset protection expert or waste your money on expensive attorneys who don’t even understand the power of trusts themselves.

All you need to do is pop in the disc I give you, fill in the blanks, check off some options, and use the pre-made, done-for-you, fill-in-the-blank templates.

Thirdly, if you wait, you will lose the opportunity to attend at the incredibly affordable tuition. My team and I just recently called a few attorneys in different states to ask what their fee would be to set up a single trust.

We were quoted 3 to 6 weeks and a cost of $5,000 – $7,200 to handle all the paper work. That is 2.5 to 3 times as much as the tuition to attend this event – AND you would have to pay that each and every time you wanted to establish a new trust!


When you attend Maximum Asset Shield, you’ll be shown how to do this yourself, and you’ll be given the software to create trust after trust, an unlimited number in just minutes… at a fraction of the cost!

Of course, we cover a lot of other things in the workshop – and as with all my other training, I’m the one doing it from the stage. I’ll have my team there to work one-on-one with everybody, but I will also be offering you an entire segment the first day that is just about using these tools to make more money. Sound good? You know it does!

It’s time to make a decision. I would hate for you to miss out on this, so don’t hesitate. Just click below or call my team and reserve your spot now while you still can.

Call Dennis at 1-800-578-8580 to enroll by phone, add qualified guests for $500, repeat for just $500, or explore options that may be available to you

Yeah Baby!

If you’re ready to secure your seat, click any of the “REGISTER” buttons above. If you have questions, go ahead and call my office at 1-800-578-8580 and speak to one of my team about joining me in Atlanta for the smartest way to protect the investments you’ve made and the wealth you’ve built – and to do it on the spot!

All the Best,

Lou Brown

P.S. Don’t just take my word for it! Read and listen below to what your peers and my students are saying after they took action and covered their assets with the Maximum Asset Shield Program:

“This the best event I’ve been to yet.”

Learning how to structure Trust’s versus an LLC for asset protection is invaluable! Stop throwing your money away on other gurus. Nobody has the complete package that Lou Brown has. Continuing education, coaching, top notch staff…Rock Solid!

– Brad Treganowan, Gallatin Tennessee

“Everyone who has a family should be here.

Thinking you know what you are doing and actually learning what you should know are 2 different things.This event has truly changed my life in more ways than one. This event should be a mandatory requirement for life! Your program is truly a turn key system and your teaching style is easy to follow and comprehend.”

– Donna Lowery, Plano, TX

What People Are Saying

MAS Event is Worth a Lifetime of Hard Work!
“The event is incredible informative, it’s scary to think how a lawsuit can rob one of everything they have worked for. This class shows how to drastically reduce the probability. So, it’s worth almost the value of a lifetime of hard work and acquiring assets.”

– Mitchell MacGregor, Chattanooga, TN

I Can Relax Knowing My Assets Are Safe!

It’s not only less expensive than other gurus’ training, but it’s a cohesive training. Lou Brown is not only a capitalist (God bless him!), but he is a capitalist with a heart. He truly wants to help this great country get back on track and to help individuals and families on their paths to homeownership while helping other real estate investors build their own wealth. Lou and his system are the real deal!

– Laura Abbott, White Plains, NY

Easy to Understand and Implement

“Lou Brown is a terrific coach and instructor He is a true thought leader and keeps the information very practical.”

– Abe Minto, Coral Cables, FL

Watch why you must attend this year!

This Training Was Invaluable

Not only learning to protect our assets, but to protect our loved ones and very creative ways to handle money thru trusts. Thank you!

– Angela McKee, Jackson, TN

Awesome Event!

Been waiting for 6 months to learn how to do trusts, short sale and subject to paperwork. Thanks Lou, Janice, Helga, Robin, David, and staff. You are the best!!

– Joe Lantrip, St. Charles, MO

When you’ve spent all the time and effort to acquire properties, you can’t afford to leave them unprotected.

MAS teaches you the best and most cost effective system for preserving your portfolio for generations. The value of this seminar? Priceless.

– Karen Rittenhouse, Jamestown, NC

I’ve learned more at this event than my attorney even knows about trusts and he’s an estate planner.

Makes me wonder what else I don’t know. What is Lou doing/does he know that he hasn’t shared yet!

– Joe Shojayi, Merriam, KS

Absolutely astounding!

I am all smiles and it’s with firm confidence.

– Roger Y. Allen, Acton, MA

Thank you!

The event brings the aspect of trusts together and allows us to go home and put the concepts to work!

– Blair Milliken, Englewood, FL

William R. Noll, Esquire CPA

Bill is a lawyer and CPA currently working at Noll & Company, CPA’s and he operates a separate law practice focused on tax compliance and tax-related litigation.

Bill has a breadth of experience, which gives him the ability to understand many different facets of business disputes and tax controversies.

In 2004 Bill returned to his roots in rejoining Noll & Company, which is a local CPA firm, founded by his father. Since that time, Bill has limited his practice to tax consulting, tax compliance and complex tax litigation. Bill has a wealth of experience before the IRS at both the examination and the appeal level. He is also admitted to practice in the United States Tax Court.

Al Aiello had a long affiliation with Bill’s firm. Al and Bill’s father spoke at seminars to real estate agents and investors throughout the country beginning in the early 1980’s. The Noll firm has utilized all of the strategies taught by Al Aiello since the tax code was re-written in 1986. When Bill returned to work at Noll & Company he began attending and speaking at seminars with Al. Bill has been a co-author with Al of several of the publications that have been written during the past five years.

Bill has agreed to continue Al Aiello’s legacy of teaching tax strategies for the benefit of those people seeking a better understanding of the Internal Revenue Code through ISU.

Lou has the ability to entertain and educate at the same time and is very thorough in his preparation.

He provides a road map to wealth, a system to encourage people to get started, but best of all he knows how to show you the way to protect your wealth once you have built it. He is fabulous.

Keith Begly, Wooster, OH

I have been to other Asset Protection seminars and all they taught was corporations, LLC’s and LP’s.

I think Trusts are the most important of all the entities. But the others are important in conjunction with trusts this training is absolutely necessary!

Carl Nyberg, Bloomington, MN

This was a very enlightening event from many different areas.

I will return to other events in the future.

James Bloodworth, Decatur, GA

I can’t believe how undeniably complete this trust system is with Lou!

Such that you know you have more meaningful tax and asset protection knowledge than almost all legal counsel could give you. And you can believably do this yourself.

Todd Gillan, Lowell, MI

I have always wanted to be mentored so that I could take my business to another level.

Most of the time I have found that most people did not want to for fear of competition or they did not know what they were talking about. You have truly been a blessing to me and my family/business. I thank you.
Yea Baby!!!

Clardy Richardson, Dallas,TX

Everyone in all different phases of the RE world can learn from this event.

Bringing spouses is so valuable and integral to the success of the investor – the better my understanding of the whole process the more I can help and the quicker I can start doing my own deals!”

Ivy Bliss, Springfield, MA

Lou is the best teacher with the best all inclusive system for doing real estate safely and keeping assets.

I wish we attended Lou’s seminar first. We could have skipped the rest.

Marcia Montgomery, San Antonio, TX

Invaluable information.

I wish I would have gotten the training from the beginning of my real estate career – I’d be a multi-millionaire ten times over.

Kyle L. Pace, Charlotte, NC

I feel that I can move forward with more confidence and solid usable knowledge after each event.

The event inspires me to continue on in the real estate business and overcome discouragement. The trust training has been very interesting to me and I feel Lou has given me a clear understanding of a complicated subject.

Phillip Smith, Washington, DC

Now’s the time to take action… you know that there is a frivolous lawsuit and an unscrupulous attorney out there looking for an easy payday. Don’t be the one! Call the team at 1-800-578-8580 and learn how to protect yourself and the wealth you’ve created.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late…

Call Dennis at 1-800-578-8580 to enroll by phone, add qualified guests for $500, repeat for just $500, or explore options that may be available to you