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Dear Friend,

As a student of mine, you know how passionate I am about systems – I use them, I teach them, and I implement them in all my businesses. Without a doubt, the most important system you can have as a real estate investor is the one that protects your assets.

I mean, banks have locks for a reason, right?

It’s Lou Brown here and that’s why I’m writing you today, to let you know that without a system to protect your wealth and assets, they are in danger every single day that you do business. Simply put, just one frivolous lawsuit and gold digging attorney and your entire life’s work – wealth and assets – can be gone. That’s the biggest reason why I designed my Maximum Asset Shield workshop … to protect me and my students from nuisance lawsuits.

We see them in the news everyday – people who are filing crazy lawsuits just to try to get lucky and catch some investor that isn’t covered properly: An aunt sued her 10 year old nephew recently for hugging her “too aggressively” … restaurants being sued because a customer doesn’t like the menu. Unbelievable! And if you are an owner or an investor, you are in their sights when they fake a slip and fall accident!

There are always going to be folks out there to try and take advantage. Anytime you have something valuable, you can bet that somebody will try to take it for nothing. While the idea of suing a restaurant because the coffee was hot or suing your neighbor because the dog barks late at night drives me crazy to even think about, there is an even bigger problem for us as investors: those who sue us simply because we are the owner.

If they can’t find it, they can’t take it!

In the California case Peake vs. Underwood, a buyer filed suit two years after purchasing the property stating that the seller had not disclosed the condition of the property when it had been sold. The buyer maintained that both the seller and the listing agent had known that the property had unresolved drainage issues and never told her.

Guess what? The buyer dropped the lawsuit against the seller when she learned that they did not own anything of value. She continued to pursue the listing agent. Why? She was trying to win that “lawsuit lottery” and bluff her way into a settlement – but the sellers had protected themselves. Eventually, the court found her out and ordered her to pay $60,000 in sanctions for the frivolous lawsuits, but who wants to deal with all that silliness? The owners were smart – on paper they didn’t have anything worth suing for.

Now plenty of smart lawyers and accountants can build up a whole façade of protection that would take 4 private investigators and 6 computers to figure out, but in the end, nobody really knows who owns the property in question. Here’s a hint – if you can’t explain it, it won’t work!

Many asset protection plans that folks try to sell become so complicated that not even the client can explain how assets are held or how those assets were transferred. The downside is that those questions can be expected in depositions or a discovery examination, and a failure to fully and clearly explain what happened and why will make the court very suspicious and potentially give the court grounds to begin disregarding entities or setting aside transfers. Most judges start asking themselves, “What is really going on here?” if the structure and transfers are too complicated and not well explained.

So to me the answer was simple – build a straightforward system and use the law to protect my wealth … and then, as any good teacher should do, I built a system to train all my students how they can protect themselves from nuisance suits, too.

I call it my Maximum Asset Shield seminar and in just four days, you will find out how to:

  • Protect your assets, properties, and wealth for generations to come.
  • Sleep well at night knowing your business - and your family - are safe from frivolous lawsuits.
  • Make sure your heirs get what is rightfully theirs - knowing your estate and the assets you’ve worked hard all your life to build won't go to the government or in some attorney's pocket.

Plus, you'll also learn how to use my asset protection strategies to make more money:

  • How to get sellers to say "Yes!" to your "Subject-To" offer so you can get more deals done - and prevent them from trying to reclaim YOUR property afterwards.
  • How to make more money using partnerships using this fast, simple and LEGAL method.
  • How to borrow or lend money without the traditional risks.
  • How to buy more properties tax-free!
  • How to legally and easily take equity out of a property and turn it into cash – then use that cash to continue to build wealth.

Now, there is one even more important thing that we do in the Maximum Asset Shield workshop: We actually do it right there! Yes, that’s right – we not only show you how to protect yourself and your assets – we will work with you right there to protect them in the workshop! True hands-on training! Bring the deed or the title to the asset you are looking to protect and we will physically show you how to structure that protection on the spot!

I’m not going to tell you to go off and get an attorney to do a whole bunch of crazy legal maneuvering. Heck, they don’t ever tell you to do anything besides put the ownership in a corporation anyway. Nope. I’ll teach you in class exactly how to structure you, your businesses, and your assets to make sure they cannot be taken – in some cases even found - by attorneys looking for the low-hanging fruit for a nuisance suit.

Asset protection planning is all about taking chips off the table in good times, so that you still can walk away from the table a winner no matter what happens in bad times. As a real estate investor, you have got to worry about protecting your assets because you are a target. It doesn’t take much to be caught up in difficult situations, and thus if you have something to protect then you have a duty to yourself to protect it.

The best time is to protect was yesterday!

The most important thing is this - many things I’ll teach you to do in the Maximum Asset Shield workshop will effectively provide asset protection before a claim or liability arises, but few things will afterwards. The time to protect and structure your assets properly is not “when you get around to it,” the best time was as soon as you bought them! That’s because what you do after a claim rises could be undone by “fraudulent transfer” law. Moreover, the point at which a claim arises is earlier than a layman might think—it is, for example, usually much earlier than when a demand letter or a process server shows up at the door. In short – the time to learn is now and the time to implement is now! We teach it in the workshop – and we do it in the workshop!

I’ll be hosting this seminar in Atlanta next month and the bottom line is that if you are serious about investing, you need to be there – you can call my team at 1-800-578-8580 to reserve your tickets today.

Nobody else is providing this kind of value in a workshop – and then, when you leave – you will have the tools and the software in your hands to protect every asset you own! That’s right – we’re going to fill your tool box up with:

  • The Maximum Asset Shield Manual – loaded with the templates and forms you need to use to cover all your assets
  • The MAS Auto Fill software that helps you turn the entire process into a simple auto-fill template to easily protect everything.
  • Four days of training and the resources to get all your questions answered- before it’s too late!

The best news about the Maximum Asset Shield workshop is that I’m going to be holding my next one in Atlanta from Thursday, September 21st through Sunday, September 24th, 2017 and I need you to be there. It is simply too important for you to miss! With the sheer amount of frivolous lawsuits out there that can render you penniless in an instant, protecting yourself is the only safe thing to do.

In the movie U-571, an American submarine crew is charged with taking over a broken stranded German submarine during World War II in order to steal an enigma coding machine that will give them access to German naval secrets. The Americans disguise themselves as Germans coming to the aid of the broken down German sub. But their plan is discovered and another German boat torpedoes the American boat while half of the American crew is still aboard. They stand atop the deck helplessly as they watch the torpedo barreling toward them. At that point it is too late for them to do anything to stop the coming destruction, and all they can do is watch the torpedo as it collides with their boat.

While these sailors could do nothing to prevent the ensuing catastrophe, many investors find themselves hit by financial torpedoes that could have been avoided by taking the steps that I teach in the Maximum Asset Shield workshop.

A financial torpedo can appear out of thin air when it is least expected. We all work hard to build our assets, take care of our families, and plan for retirement, but all of this is a wasted effort if we don’t have measures in place to protect what we work so hard to accumulate. We live in a litigious society where it seems as though we can be the target of a frivolous lawsuit around every corner. There are plenty of horror stories about people being held liable and sued for unavoidable accidents. Since we cannot always avoid these issues, I’ll teach you to plan properly to protect yourself and your family in the event you find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Here’s what I want you to do – call my team and learn more about the Maximum Asset Shield seminar at 1-800-578-8580. This is simply the most important thing that you can do to cover your assets!

Of course, we cover a lot of other things in the workshop – and as with all my other training, I’m the one doing it from the stage. I’ll have my team there to work one-on-one with everybody, but I will also be offering you an entire segment the first day that is just about using these tools to make more money. Sound good?

Yeah Baby!

Go ahead and call the team at 1-800-578-8580 and get registered to join me in Atlanta (Click Here for dates) for the smartest way to protect the investments you’ve made and the wealth you’ve built – and to do it on the spot!

All the Best –

Lou Brown

P.S. Don’t just take my word for it! Listen to what your friends and my students are saying once they covered their assets with the Maximum Asset Shield Program:


All These People Are Smiling Because They Now Know How to Protect Their Assets!

P.P.S. – Now’s the time – you know that there is a frivolous lawsuit and an unscrupulous attorney out there looking for an easy payday. Don’t be the one! Call the team at 1-800-578-8580 and learn how to protect yourself and the wealth you’ve created.